Ciptor IT-SAFE Canada Recognized as Qualified Respondent in CSPV Secure Supplier Ecosystem by Enterprise IT Procurement & Corporate Services Branch, Shared Services Canada / Government of Canada.

CALGARY, Alberta, February 14, 2024 – Ciptor IT-Safe, a leading innovator in AI-driven threat intelligence solutions, is honored to announce its selection as the preferred vendor for Threat Intelligence and Detection by the Canadian Federal Government. This appointment falls under the Secure Supplier Ecosystem (SSE) Cybersecurity Procurement Vehicle, marking a significant milestone in the nation's approach to securing its digital assets.

The SSE aims to provide government entities with access to an exceptional managed Threat Intelligence platform, allowing Ciptor IT-Safe's expert team to deliver round-the-clock managed endpoint detection and response. This service is empowered by groundbreaking AI technologies from NVIDIA Morpheus and IBM Security QRadar EDR, ensuring unparalleled protection against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Following a rigorous and competitive selection process, the Government of Canada recognized Ciptor IT-Safe as a commercially viable Managed Threat Intelligence service provider capable of fulfilling the critical security needs of various government organizations and agencies. This partnership signifies a strategic move to bolster the government's cybersecurity posture, enabling effective prevention, detection, and rapid response to cyber incidents while ensuring the integrity, privacy, and protection of Government of Canada (GC) data across public cloud environments.

“As we venture into 2024 and beyond, the imperative shifts from preparing for future security challenges to actively leveraging innovative solutions that safeguard our digital landscape while propelling growth,” stated Mukul Hossain, Federal Regional Manager and Country Manager, Ciptor IT-Safe Canada.

Ciptor IT-Safe’s Global CTO and CSIRT Tobias Gurtner added, “Our goal is to enable GC organizations to navigate the aftermath of a cyber attack with minimal disruption. Through our formidable collaboration with global partners like IBM and NVIDIA, we’re ideally positioned to support the Canadian Government in its quest against cybercrime."

Ciptor IT-Safe boasts a commendable track record of assisting victims of cyberattacks, both in Canada and worldwide. With a robust Cybersecurity Incident Response Team, Ciptor IT-Safe engages in comprehensive investigations of severe incidents, collaborating closely with insurance companies, law enforcement, and global security entities. The company's expansive presence across Canada, the USA, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, and Switzerland strengthens its capability to offer immediate and effective cybersecurity solutions.

Mikael Rodin, CEO of Ciptor IT-Safe Global, expressed his pride in the company's selection, emphasizing the rigorous evaluation process and the commitment Ciptor IT-Safe has demonstrated in supporting governmental and public sector organizations globally.

Contact Information:

Mukul Hossain, Country Manager, Ciptor IT-Safe Canada


Phone: +1 780 370 1600


Mikael Rodin, CEO, Ciptor IT-Safe Global


Phone: +46 763 91 33 16


Tobias Gurtner, CTO & CSIRT, Ciptor IT-Safe Global


Phone: +41 76 348 92 93

Ciptor IT-Safe Canada’s partnership with the Government of Canada symbolizes a pivotal advancement in the collective effort to combat cyber threats and secure the nation's digital infrastructure for a resilient and innovative future. As the cyber landscape continues to evolve, Ciptor IT-Safe remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions and support to governments and organizations worldwide.