IT-Safe is an enterprise-grade, affordable, all-in-one-platform for SecurityKey’s, FIDO2 Authentication, Key Access Mangagement Lifecycle, Distribution, e-commerce for mobile and desktop devices. Our solutions are affordable, easy to use and very scalable, so it can support as few as 20 employee’s enterprises up to large +10.000 employee’s enterprises.


Cybersecurity Expert


Chief Executive Officer
Ciptor IT-SAFE Canada Inc.
Mukul Hossain has a wealth of experience and expertise in various fields such as engineering, business development, and cyber security. With over 20 years of project management and leadership experience, he has worked on multi-million dollar projects in both the public and private sectors in Canada. As a seasoned and results-driven leader, he has managed various projects in the oil and gas sectors, including tailings, plant maintenance/expansion, and strategic projects.

His portfolio also includes a range of cyber security solutions, such as corporate cyber IT/OT integration, passwordless solutions, and identity access management. With his expertise in these areas, Mukul Hossain can help organizations to strengthen their cyber security posture and mitigate risks to their operations and assets.

Overall, Mukul Hossain's extensive experience and expertise in engineering, business development, and cyber security make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to undertake complex projects and enhance their cyber security measures.
Ciptor IT-Safe Canada's expertise and leadership in the fields of engineering (SCADA) and cyber IT/OT integration have been instrumental in helping Canadian organizations effectively manage their cybersecurity and data privacy needs. With a focus on the understanding that these issues are management concerns, Ciptor IT-Safe Canada has demonstrated a commitment to providing organizations with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to ensure that they are adequately protected against cyber threats.

Through his dynamic leadership, Ciptor IT-Safe Canada has been able to deliver innovative and effective solutions that have helped organizations stay ahead of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. His vast knowledge and experience in engineering (SCADA) and cyber IT/OT integration have allowed him to develop customized solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of each organization he works with.

The results of Ciptor IT-Safe Canada's work have been rewarding for both him and his clients. By implementing effective cybersecurity and data privacy measures, organizations have been able to protect their sensitive data and critical systems from cyber threats. This has not only helped them avoid costly data breaches and other cyber incidents but has also enhanced their reputation and credibility with their customers and stakeholders.

Overall, Ciptor IT-Safe Canada's contributions to the field of cybersecurity and data privacy in Canada have been invaluable, and his leadership and expertise have helped numerous organizations effectively manage these critical issues.